Oliflix Olive Oil | Artisan, Organic
Oliflix Olive Oil | Artisan, Organic

Oliflix Olive Oil | Artisan, Organic

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Oliflix Olive Oil is an elegant, nutrient dense Organic Olive Oil made the same way the Romans made it for millenia. The origin is Catalonia, Spain famous for producing the best olive oil in the world. This artisan-crafted blend is made in small batches from the Organic Arbequina & Empletre olive varieties picked between the end of October and the middle of December. Organically grown and extracted, this blend is completely free from any synthetic chemical additives, herbicides or pesticides. The Oliflix mill is exclusively designed for olive oil production. Granite stone crushed into a paste then pressed and gravity separated to release pure, true cold-pressed olive oil. This process ensures creating an exceptional aromatic profile and incredible nutrient-rich oil. The pristine freshness of the oil is maintained in ceramic tanks & then bottled in dark glass to minimize the exposure to light.

• Organically grown and extracted 

• Non-GMO Olive Oil 

• True Extra Virgin - From the first & only pressing

• Truly Cold Pressed - Temperature never exceeds 27C/80.6F during extraction

• Unfiltered and pressed from world Famous olives in Catalonia Spain

• Low acidity .045% and high in polyphenols and Vitamin E

• Crafted by Old World Artisan Master, Antonio Rey Sole