Why Choose Us?

Key Elementals was born out of our passion to obtain the world’s healthiest, most nutrient dense foods. We seek to find the highest quality products available anywhere for our selves, our friends & our customers. Identifying truly healthy foods and supplements is more difficult than just reading the labels. But who has time to actually visit the farmers and witness the processing & packaging to ensure that our products are what they claim and are not compromised along the way? We do. And that is why we created keyelementals.com — your trusted source for the extraordinary! All of our products are better for the planet: organic, non-GMO, free from pesticides, toxic chemicals and environmental pollutants all sourced from farmers and manufacturers with integrity — products we truly trust.

We do our homework – so you don’t have to!

Our intention is to locate and procure remarkable natural products. We believe in transparency: by providing detailed information about our products, the processes by which they are made, and the bountiful health benefits of consuming them. We’ve done the research and are excited to share what we know with you!

We are proud to bring you Oliflix Olive Oil from Spain produced the “old fashioned” way for the best olive oil taste & quality.

Coming soon:

  • Honey Pacifica – Raw Unheated Honey.
  • Quinton – Full Spectrum Therapeutic Marine Minerals.

We welcome suggestions and feedback so please send us an email or give us a call if you have any questions!

Meet James, Our Founder

Born and raised in New York, the founder of Key Elementals has been a pioneer of the health food industry for over 50 years. James is driven by his passion for superior health-giving natural & organic products, his deep commitment to nature and his enthusiasm for sharing nutrient-dense whole foods with health lovers everywhere.

From managing two health food stores in the 1970’s to head chef and baker at H.E.L.P., from owner of the Golden Temple Conscious Cookery Restaurant and later, owner of three separate organic wholesale produce businesses, to sole proprietor of the infamous private buying club, Rawesome Foods, James has spent his entire life dealing with healthy foods.

As a result, he has created meaningful relationships with the finest purveyors of the highest quality health foods in the World, all held to the highest standards of purity and excellence possible. We can confidently say that everything sold at Key Elementals is unparalleled on the market. 

At 70 years old, James is a living example of what eating whole and natural foods, free of artificial chemicals and additives, can do for the human body! 
You may discover, to your own astonishment, how vibrant, lively and different you feel by incorporating some of our outstanding products into your diet like our Organic, Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Oliflix. You don’t have to believe, experience it for yourself.

Have questions? Connect with us; we love talking health foods!