Why Oliflix?

Oliflix is a small olive oil farm and mill located in Catalonia, Spain. Oliflix Olive Oil is an elegant, uniquely crafted artisan, organic olive oil made the way the Romans made it for over 800 years. Crafted by old world artisans organically grown olives are hand-picked during harvesting, then crushed with granite stones and pressed in special OLD WORLD PRESS. The olives are free from GMOs, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and certified Organic to Europe’s highest quality standard. This oil boasts one of the purists and highest polyphenol contents available in the market because it is the first and ONLY pressing, which is the true definition of EXTRA-VIRGIN olive oil.

  • Pure Organic + Non-GMO Olive Oil 
  • Truly Cold Pressed ~ Maximum temperature never exceeds 27C / 80.6F during extraction 
  • Unfiltered and pressed from world Famous olives in Catalonia Spain
  • Water sources from rainfall only (no irrigation or well water) provide no chance of toxins or contaminates from terrestrial sources.

  • Old World Craftsmanship = Superior Olive Oil!

The Harvest + Extraction Process 

Oliflix organic olive oil is produced the “old artisan” way. In Spain olives ripen in November and December. Oliflix founder, Mr. Antonio Rey Sole, has learned to harvest the two unique Spanish olive varieties at precisely the right time. The olive trees range from new to 1000 years in age, they are organically grown and have been maintained by the same farm since 1850. The olives are harvested by hand and transported to the mill within 24 hours to ensure a smooth, savory flavor, reduce the risk of oxidation, maintain the ideal product acidity and preserve the antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties.

The olives are then cleaned, sorted and pressed using a granite stone crushing method and a press that is powered by water pressure. The oil is then gravity separated and stored in underground silos made of ceramic. Antonio stores the freshly pressed oil in ceramic tanks to help maintain the polyphenol content which is exactly how the ancient greeks maintained the freshness of their oil.

Oliflix is one of the few remaining companies in the world using this Old World production method. The result is the finest olive oil with full body flavor and extraordinary health benefits. Mr. Antonio Rey Sole, believes this is the ONLY way to make the best, highest quality olive oil around. At Key Elementals we could not agree more and we are beyond proud to offer one of the most pristine olive oils available in the World today.

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