Oliflix Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 liter
Oliflix Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liter Bottle
Oliflix Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5Liter and 750ml bottles

Oliflix Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 liter

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Oliflix is an award-winning, premium organic extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia, Spain. Using "old world" extraction techniques to produce a delicate blend of Arbequina & Empletre olives, with sensations of almond, leaf and golden apple and delivering an exceptionally smooth, fragrant and delicious tasting extra virgin olive oil.

For international orders go to http://www.oliflix.com

Note: The 5 liter (1.32 Gal) is equivalent to 6 & 2/3 times the 750ml bottle. This is a huge 33% savings!

• Organically grown Non-GMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

• Hydraulically cold pressed - extracted well below 29C/85F
• Low acidity & high in polyphenols with naturally occurring Vitamin E

• Crafted by Old World Artisan Master, Antonio Rey Sole

SHIPPING COST: We are switching to FedEx - so shipping from LA to NY (zone 8) starts at $9.29 for one 750ml bottle. Two 750ml bottle shipping (zone 8) is $10.17 or $5.09 per bottle. The 5 liter bottle ships (zone 8) for $12.78 or the equivalent of $1.92 per 750ml. As you can see, ordering larger quantities reduces your shipping cost per item.